The College Ministry of Harris Creek exists to help college students actively engage with the local church.

About College Ministry

In our world today, it is far too common for college students to disengage from the church, if not fall away altogether. That’s why our primary goal for college students is to help them stay actively engaged with the local church during these formative years. What does an actively engaged student look like? It means they are engaged in the community by participating in a Life Group. It means they commit to investing their time by serving the church internally. Finally, it means they live on mission by serving others in their sphere of influence.

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On-Going Events

Life Group

We believe there is no substitution for living life-on-life with one another in community. You can sign up for a Life Group by clicking here. For more information about our Life Groups, contact our College Minister, Nate Hilgenkamp.

Sunday Services

For our College Ministry, we offer a 7p service. This service is geared specifically toward college students and young adults, but anyone is welcome. Join us!

Next Steps


If you want to make Harris Creek your home, your next step is membership. Before you join a Life Group or serve with Harris Creek, this is your first step! To become a member, register for an upcoming Membership Class by visiting our Events Page and searching for “Membership Class.”


 We believe there is no substitution for living life-on-life with one another in community. We desire for every member at Harris Creek to be a part of a committed Life Group. Find and join a group by clicking on the button below. 


Our church could not function without the support of volunteers. Our desire is to pair your giftings with the needs of the church and the community. Start the process by filling out the “Serve” form today!


Is there a weekly service for college students?

Yes, we offer a 7p service that caters specifically to college students and young adults, but anyone is welcome! This service is the same service as our morning 9a and 11a services, just at night! This is a great way to get to know college students and young adults in Waco – come join us! 

What’s the best way to stay up to date with upcoming college events?

We send out a regular college e-mail that will have all the info you need to know! E-mail our College Minister, Nate Hilgenkamp to join the list! We also post event reminders on our Instagram – follow us to stay in the loop on what’s going on: @hcreekcollege!

What are some other events that you do throughout the year?

As a college ministry, the two main things we do weekly are Life Groups and our 7p service. Once a month, at our 7p service, we host an after party to develop community as a college ministry. On top of that, we partner with our Sisterhood and Men’s Ministry throughout the year to join them in what they’re doing – from bible studies, to topical discussions, and worship nights. We also have a podcast called “Becoming Something” that is designed for anyone in their 20-30s – check it out!

How do I sign up for Life Group?

To sign up for a Life Group, click here

What does a typical Life Group look like?

Our Life Groups are led by two Harris Creek College students who are passionate about making disciples. Each week at Life Group, members will share about their faith, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another. Life Group is vital to what we do at Harris Creek – this is where the church is the Church!

What are some other ways I can get connected to Harris Creek?

Beyond showing up on Sundays and at our College Ministry events, there are plenty of ways to get connected to the church. We have a ton of college students who volunteer in all areas of our church. To find other service opportunities check out our Serve Page