Life Group

In this incredibly unique time, figuring out how to operate in our Life Groups can prove to be a significant challenge. Because of that, we want to help you think through ways to stay connected and engaged as a group while also living in obedience to the mandates that our governing authorities have given us. Below are some suggestions about how to maintain connection, even if it looks different from your normal gatherings and rhythms.

If You're Meeting In Person

- If you have a group of less than 10 people, we would encourage you to find a way to still meet. Anyone who is feeling sick or has traveled recently should stay home.
- If you have a group of more than 10, this is a great opportunity to prioritize a weekly single-gender meeting. During this time, we would encourage you to continue in your “Input/Output/Confession” time.
- Find ways to connect in smaller groups, even if simply to get out of the house and have some different interactions.

If You're Meeting In Different Places

- Use technology to your advantage during this time of limited personal interactions. A few options would be to utilized FaceTime on Apple products, Google Hangout, or even a simple group phone call.
- At a minimum, share ways that you can be praying for each other, meet each others’ needs as they arise, and maintain open lines of communication.

Stay Spiritually Engaged

Our staff and leaders are hard at work to make sure you have options to stay spiritually engaged, both with the Lord and each other. This could be a great opportunity to study a book of the Bible as a group and share what you’re learning, read a book together, memorize scripture, etc. Challenge members in your group to grow in their relationship with Jesus even though we are having to operate differently. Also, stay engaged with what we are doing corporately like the Bible Reading Challenge, All Waco Launch, etc.

Engage With Your Community & Neighbors

1. Help Your Neighbor Template - Here are two options for documents that you can print out and place in the mailboxes of your neighbors to find out about ways to meet their needs. Team up with other families you know to serve your neighborhood. Download a Neighborhood Mailbox Card or Neighbor Letter to use in your area.

2. All Waco Launch - This is an opportunity for the entire Harris Creek Family to join with 88 other churches in Waco to get a copy of the bible, the Jesus Film, a gospel tract, and information about local churches in the hands of every household in McClennan County. Visit our All Waco Launch page for more information

Be the Church!

Even though we are extremely limited in our ability to gather, stay committed to walking with Jesus and being obedient to His voice and Word. Pray for our community, pray for others, and let’s make an impact in our city!


If you have any questions, concerns or simply need to talk to someone, please reach out to Trent or Carol and we’d be honored to help.

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