General Parenting Resources

Check out some general resources for parenting kids of all ages.

Create Ministry

Birth to Pre-K

Create Curbside

Sunday morning lessons provided for you to do at home! Pick up the supplies at the church every Thursday from 9a-2p and follow the provided lesson plan. If you can't pick up the lesson in person, download the PDF below.

Bible Story Video

Check back here to download the Bible Story video to share with your preschooler. This is the same video we use every Sunday in our classrooms!


Use our Spotify list to worship with your kids, not just on Sundays, but every day!

Talking with your Preschooler About Anxiety

Here's a PDF "Conversation Guide" to equip parents to talk to their preschoolers about anxiety during this season.

Navigate Ministry

K - Grade 4

Navigate Summer Challenge

We want to make engaging in our Navigate Teaching and Activities this summer to be fun for your child as we discuss FAITH for June and July! We've created a challenge with prizes, if they WATCH, PRACTICE and APPLY what they've learned. Join us!


We've created a Navigate playlist on Spotify with the songs your kids sing on Sunday mornings. Play these in the car or have a dance party in your house together!

Bible Story Video

Our own Harris Creek Navigate Storytellers will be teaching you the Bible Story each week, just like we do during Large Group! Check back weekly for updated videos.


We have prepared simple activities and questions for you to do as a family to help review the Bible story each week and memorize the verse of the month!

Books of the Bible

It's our goal to provide ideas for you to grow your child's faith all week long!

Monthly Memory Verses

Emphasize a verse each month with your child. Here's a list that correlates with our monthly lessons, too!


Follow our Instagram for Kids Ministry announcements, resources, and videos!

Talking with your Elementary Kids About Anxiety

Here's a PDF "Conversation Guide" to equip parents to talk to their Elementary aged kids about anxiety during this season."

Integrate Ministry

Grade 5 - 6


We've created an Integrate playlist with all of the worship songs your kid sings on Sunday mornings. Play these anytime in the car or at the house!

Summer Hangout Discussion Guide

Each week, we will post the discussion guide from our Integrate Summer Hangout, in case you can't be there in person. That way, you can still have a conversation about FAITH as a family, no matter where you are.

Overview of the Bible

It's our goal to deepen your child's understanding of The Bible and how it impacts their lives! Watch these two videos to get an overview of the Old Testament and New Testament.

Monthly Memory Verse

Each month we emphasize a memory verso to go along with our theme. Click below to go over each month's memory verse with your child! Included in the PDF below are May and June's memory verses.

Talking with your Elementary Kids About Anxiety

Here's a PDF "Conversation Guide" to equip parents to talk to their Elementary aged kids about anxiety during this season."

Youth Ministry

Grade 7 - 12

Sunday Night Live

Our students are not going to be meeting corporately, but we're not taking a break! Make sure your students tune in for Sunday Night Live every Sunday night at 6p!

Ways to "Own Your Faith" During Corona Virus

Find ideas to continue owning your faith amidst a chaotic world. You can be quarantined and still faithful. Read more ideas on our Google Doc!

Parent Email List

If you're a parent of a student, please sign up for our email list to stay equipped and informed.


We will primarily be distributing content through our YouTube channel and our Instagram account. Follow our account to stay up to date.

Text List

If you're not on our text list, text "hcyouth" to 97000. Parents or youth are welcome to join the list.


As always, if you're a parent or student with any questions about our Youth Ministry, email our Youth Minister, Derek Davidson.