Our Philosophy

At Harris Creek, we believe there are four primary functions the Church is called to serve within the context of the city in which it is planted. These four functions come from Acts 2:42-47 and are community, worship, equipping, and mission. The earliest Christians understood how essential each element was to their spiritual formation. We believe that the local church must continue to be a place where these elements are alive and functioning well. This is why we seek to be a place where biblical community exists, God-honoring worship happens, equipping is provided, and mission is embodied.

A metaphor we use to describe how these functions relate to one another is found in the image of a tree. For a tree to be alive and function properly, it must have deep roots, a sturdy trunk, outstretched branches, and produce life, or fruit. In the same way, we believe a church cannot function properly and be alive without the deep relationship of community (the roots), the solid teaching of equipping (the trunk), the outstretched arms of worship (the branches), and the mission of serving the world (the fruit). Hopefully this image helps you understand the four vital elements of discipleship and how we put each function into practice at Harris Creek.