We believe there is no substitute for living 'life on life' when it comes to following Christ. As we seek the welfare of the city, Life Groups are where we provide opportunities for biblical community. We define the function of our Life Group communities by three words: know, grow, and go. Know means to invest in each other by living life on life. Grow means we hold one another accountable to pray together and study the Scriptures, seeking life application and transformation. Go means we live on mission by externally serving those in need around us. Our goal is to have each Life Group contain this DNA at its core, while having the flexibility to live it out as God has uniquely equipped and gifted them.

Currently we have the following active Life Groups:

  • Youth - 8 groups
  • College - 25 groups
  • Adult (young professional) - 7 groups
  • Adult (young marrieds without kids) - 7 groups
  • Adult (families with young kids) - 15 groups
  • Adult (families with youth, multi-stage, or empty nesters) - 11 groups

As we grow, we continually seek out and train new leaders throughout the year to add new groups. If you have any questions concerning Life Groups please email our Community Pastor, Trent Horner. If you are interested in being placed in one, please fill out our Life Group Connect form.