Harris Creek seeks to approach marketing in creative, unconventional ways. We believe the investment we make in people far outweighs any investment we can ever put into using billboards or commercials. The importance of church marketing has never been more important. In our culture today, people are moving twice as fast, with masses of information being thrown at them. Because of the sheer volume of information and marketing, much of it has turned into white noise. Our challenge is to break through that noise in order to share the message of Jesus Christ. A Harris Creek Marketing Intern will have the opportunity to work with the Communications Pastor and the entire Creative Team to develop marketing strategy and implement that strategy through creative channels of communication. This internship will seek to develop you as an individual, an effective marketer, brand engineer, and creative thinker. As a Harris Creek Marketing Intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to plan and execute successful marketing campaigns
  • Create content and maintain an online social media presence with Harris Creek accounts
  • Engage in a safe, creative team atmosphere
  • Experience real-life application of marketing strategy and campaigns in a unique environment
  • Work directly with the Communications Pastor to maintain and develop the Harris Creek brand through creative channels