Harris Creek seeks to approach video production in creative, unconventional ways. We believe in creating content that connects with our church body as a whole, but in a way that is not simply reproducing what has been done before. The importance of video production in the church has never been more important. In our culture today, people relate to and are moved by audiovisual presentations like never before. It is for that reason that Harris Creek invests in video production to capture content for the church body to experience. A Harris Creek Video Production Intern will have the opportunity to work with the Media Arts Director and the entire Creative Team to develop video content for various projects including, but not limited to: storytelling, ministry specific content, overall church initiatives, baptism testimonies, and sermon series bumpers. The internship would seek to develop you as an individual, a proficient videographer, and as a creative thinker. As a Harris Creek Video Production Intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Create video content for various Harris Creek projects
  • Get in-depth insight and training in the editing of Harris Creek videos
  • Learn how to plan and execute video assignments
  • Engage in a safe, creative team atmosphere
  • Experience real-life application of video production in the church
  • Work directly with the Media Arts Director to produce unique and effective video content for Harris Creek

A Harris Creek Video Production Intern should be competent in Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro. Knowledge of Adobe After Effects is welcomed, but not required. Along with your internship application, please include a link to your Vimeo/YouTube page, website, or portfolio for review.