Commitment Resources

To make a commitment, you may submit a card online, or in person at either campus.

Giving Calculator

Need help calculating what your investment could look like? Insert your annual income in the box below and the table below will help with the math!

3% 5% 8%
13% 15% 18%

Giving Scenarios

Though the stories below are hypothetical, the situations are likely familiar. Let this serve as a snapshot of what each giving commitment may look like and how every person, no matter the starting point, can take the next step.

Example #1

An empty-nester couple has two children nearing the end of their college degrees. This family has decided to redirect their present expenditures going towards college tuition for the next two years. They have also chosen to commit any potential earnings from an investment account to the “Our Turn” campaign.

  • Current giving to Harris Creek: $2,985/month
  • Redirecting the money paid towards college tuition payments to Harris Creek: $25,000 ($1,041 /month)
  • Committing any potential earnings from an investment account, which could be as much as $50,000

24-Month Pledge Total:

Current Giving

($2,985 x 24)

Increased Giving


Potential Investment Earnings




Example #2

A young family of two is essentially living paycheck-to-paycheck with no savings. However, they realize they can increase their monthly giving to Harris Creek by reprioritizing their budget; with a previous commitment to a non-profit ministry being completed, they are redirecting those funds to Harris Creek. They also have the ability to give an extra four times over the next 24 months due to a financial bonus they receive bi-annually.

  • Current giving to Harris Creek: $155/month
  • Additional monthly giving after reprioritizing their budget: $115/month
  • Additional income from “bonus” that happens bi-annually: $400/year

24-Month Pledge Total:

Current Giving

($155 x 24)

Increased Giving

($115 x 24)

Bi-Annual Bonus





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