Elder Leadership



Elder Leadership


In the Flesh


Brady Herbert




America is the birthplace of true democracy, and we hold to it as one of our highest ideals. Since the 1960s and the cultural revolution of the period, most Americans demonstrate a high distrust of any type of authority figure. It’s safe to say that most Americans are skeptical of authority and the role it plays in our lives. However, when we read Scripture, we encounter a different tone when it comes to the role of authority. Authority is not to be seen as a necessary evil; authority is God’s provision to us as human beings so we can enjoy maximum freedom and so we can flourish. That’s one reason why God has built authority and leadership structures into the Church: so His people and His mission can flourish. As we see in Acts 6, the Church functioned within authority structures from the very beginning. As New Testament scholar Ben Witherington says, “[The Church] was never, and was never intended to be, a leaderless meeting or movement of the like- minded.”

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