Brady Herbert




A result of living in the Information Age is that it has influenced how we think about the word "knowledge" and what it means "to know" something. Oftentimes, we equate knowledge with information. However, there's another aspect of knowledge that cannot be obtained through studying books, spreadsheets, or equations, and that is the relational side of knowledge. To say that you know someone implies that you know more than information about a person: it means you have a relationship with the individual. And when it comes to the Christian faith, it's this relational knowledge that is the focus of our faith more than simply memorizing correct information about God. Madeleine L'Engle acknowledges this fact when she says, "To know deeply is far more than to know consciously. In the realm of faith I know far more than I can believe with my finite mind." At Harris Creek, we believe God desires for us to be in a loving relationship with Him, not to simply know information about Him. This means we are called to focus on devotion over doctrine (DEVOTION/DOCTRINE). While sound doctrine is absolutely vital, it must always support a vibrant relationship with God. To say it another way, correct doctrine is never the end goal of our faith.

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