From the Ground Up



From the Ground Up


Rediscovering Freedom


Brady Herbert




Easter Sunday is the most important Sunday for Christians all over the globe, with good reason. There is a ton of celebration and fanfare around the day, and there should be! In a world as violent and confusing and tumultuous as ours, a world where faith in anything seems to be waning, belief in the resurrection is a beautiful thing. However, there's also a "shadow side" to the Easter story that rarely gets talked about in churches today. The irony is that this aspect of Easter is actually the most prominent theme in the original story. The shadow side of Easter mainly revolves around doubt. On the original Easter Sunday, the disciples were doubting the wisdom in choosing to follow Jesus before reports that Jesus was alive; they doubted that the early reports of resurrection were true; they had doubts about their own safety and security, since their leader was just killed; and there were even doubts stemming from the fact that they had just let Jesus down and deserted Him. In the midst of their doubt, guilt, and shame, Jesus shows up and meets His disciples where they are. He wasn't vindictive, angry, resentful, or judgmental. When you read the gospel accounts of the resurrection, He was patient, understanding, kind, compassionate, gracious, forgiving, and restorative. That's why the story of the resurrection reminds us that Jesus meets us in our doubt by treating our wounds—the very source of our pain—with resurrection power.

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