10 Ways to Have Fun with Your Life Group Online

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We’ve been in quarantine now for well over a year, oh sorry, I mean month… I think it’s just been a month, there’s no way to know. What are days anymore?! Anyways, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to be together with our people. And while we’ve figured out virtual church, virtual work, and virtual school (except for those of you still struggling with homeschooling your kids #prayers), there’s one thing we’ve really yet to figure out: virtual F-U-N. Movies at home aren’t the same as going to a theater, Wii sports just aren’t quite the same as going to a Baylor basketball game, and game nights at home with just you and your spouse or roomie aren’t quite as fun as playing games with all your friends. 

But, do not fret: we are HERE for you! We have a list of 10 ways to take FUN online during quarantine. Just because we can’t physically be together doesn’t mean we can’t still grow in our relationships with one another, as well as have some fun. Pick one of these and host a “virtual” game night this week with your Life Group!

    1. Jackbox.tv. Jackbox has been a fun online game format for a while now, with some really good games: Quiplash, Drawful, and Fibbage. As long as you select the family-friendly option for each of those games, you can’t go wrong. They even have a video on their site to help you figure out how to play these games virtually. Download on Apple TV or play online. While each of their games costs about $5 on their website, the amount of fun you’ll have playing these games at your first virtual game night is priceless. 
    2. Scavenger Hunt. Set up a Zoom call with your group, and then pick someone to be the host/referee. That person calls out a list of household items people would have to go run and find (e.g. toothbrush, Sharpie, fork, throw pillow, kid’s shoe, etc.). First person back with the item gets a point! Play to 10 or 15, but most importantly, make sure there’s a prize involved for the winner.
    3. Charades. Why haven’t we thought of this yet? Charades is easy to take online. Simply set up a Zoom call and get acting, already!
    4. Houseparty. It’s like FaceTime, but with games! Up to 8 phones can play at a time. All you need to do is download the app and play with others. Bonus: it’s the only game on this list that doesn’t involve Zoom–if, like the rest of us, you’re a little tired of Zoom calls at the end of the work day.
    5. Engineering Challenge. Have every household collect the same items from around the house, so everyone is starting with the same “supplies.” Start a Zoom, set a time limit, and get going! The winner is whoever can build the tallest structure that can stand for 5 seconds. You could even steal your kids’ Legos and turn this into a Lego design challenge–the possibilities are endless! 
    6. Netflix Party. If game nights aren’t really your speed, there’s always movie nights. Go to www.netflixparty.com, where you can watch your favorite Netflix show/movie together with a chat feature. “Movie talkers” (you know who you are)–this is your time to shine!
    7. Codenames. If you love the board game Codenames, this is for you! You can play this game virtually with friends simply by screensharing the board via Zoom. Go to this site and have some fun.
    8. Monopoly. When else in life will you have 10 hours to actually finish a game of Monopoly other than right now?! Download the app for only $3.99 and start a game with anyone who has the app, too.
    9. Kahoot. Create your own trivia by having everyone in your Life Group submit a question. Then, have someone create the game on Kahoot and share their screen on Zoom. (If you are extra tech-y, you can get a game pin for your group to join in on their own devices.)
    10. Pictionary. Zoom makes this one easy for us! Follow me here. 1) Start a Zoom meeting and invite your friends. 2) Click the “Share Screen” button in the calling bar at the bottom of your Zoom window. 3) On the sub-menu, select “Whiteboard” and then click “Share.” 4) Have someone keep track of time. 5) Use the annotation tools of the whiteboard to start drawing. 6) Take turns sharing the whiteboard on your screen after your turn. (Just FYI: While Zoom can help you play this game, unfortunately,  it can’t help you with your drawing ability. Good luck!)

We’re sure there are other ways to take FUN online, but we hope this list helps inspire some creativity and make some memories for you and your Life Group. Bonus points for all of you who 1) wear costumes, 2) have prizes for the winners, and 3) post about it by tagging @harriscreek so we can see! Quarantine may take our sporting events, our concerts, and our out-to-eat experiences, but it can never take away our FUN!

By Kathy Davidson, Associate College Minister.

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