2021 Year End Review Quotes


“Jesus died for our sins and gave me new life! He has constantly shown me what true love means and how I should show it too. In my life, God has done miracles and changed me for the better! He has constantly been by my side, guiding me and never leaving.” – Kenna

“God taught me I can have questions about the Lord and still be fully confident in Him.”  – Austin
“My needs could never compare to the plans He has for me. He taught me to own my faith while not reflecting on who I am but reflecting who He is and how faithful He has been to me. God is and always will be faithful to us.” – Taylor
“I moved to Waco a year and a half ago. Harris Creek’s youth group gave me a perfect place to make friendships and build relationships with some great people. I’m super grateful for this youth group and how it has given me the opportunity to serve, lead, and show people my age the goodness of God.” – Drew 


“Today I’m getting baptized because I love Jesus with all my heart and want everyone to know it!” – Abigail, 8 yrs

THE LAB (college gathering):

“The biggest thing I needed to hear was if you still think about it or feel it it needs to be resolved. I am quick to try to hold onto conflict to spare other’s feelings and the Lab discussion really convicted me in that and how unhealthy that is.” -Kalie 

“The Lab was such an awesome addition to college ministry this semester! I experienced fellowship, worship, and my faith differently than I do at the 7 every week. The leadership approached topics in ways I never had encountered before, I got to meet new people in college ministry that made HC feel more like home, and I got to serve the church in unique ways! I can’t wait for next semester of the lab!” – Abby 


“The Bible Reading Plan has helped me to stay in His word more consistently than I’ve managed in the past. I really appreciate the passage, commentary questions and resources being in my email every morning.” – Scott 

“The Bible reading plan has deepened my intimacy with Jesus and has helped me more faithfully and consistently spend daily time in Gods word. Sometimes it can be intimidating to dive into Scripture, but this resource makes a world of a difference! It has become my favorite way to spend my mornings!” – Brie 


“I’ve known Jesus. I’ve loved Jesus, but He has become more beautiful to me since being at Harris Creek.” – Haley 

“We wanted to find a church that was not only Bible believing but a church that was community driven. Seeing the church in the community is a direct reflection of the gospel.” – Daniel

SQUARE ONE (ministry to new moms): 
“Becoming a mother was harder than I could have ever expected — emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I came to SquareOne when my daughter was 10 days old. I remember feeling fatigued, unsure, and wearing oversized clothes on my recently pregnant body. Let me tell you, it was the best thing walking into a room full of women and babies who felt just like I did. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone, like I wasn’t failing, but that this season is just hard, and that’s okay.” -Courtney 


“Life Group has provided a place where I feel like I belong. Being new to Waco, it has been awesome to step into a community where we are committed to each other right away —  It’s so awesome and super rare to find” – Kyle 
“Life Group has continually reminded me that I’m not alone” – Nick 
“Here I have found my closest friends — God has used men at Harris Creek to sharpen and refine me in every possible way, from finding freedom from sin to identifying the why behind my sin and rightly aligning it with the character of God. There is something special about being surrounded by men of God as we study the Word — it brings it to life in a unique, particular way.” – Mason 

“ I was always afraid of what people would think of me if I actually admitted who I really was when no one was watching. Yet, something in me was craving freedom. I finally admitted to my new friends my sins. It was crazy because one by one I realized I wasn’t alone. So many women struggle. Keeping these sins to ourselves to act “perfect on the outside” is not going to allow us to find freedom. I want more women to realize we don’t have to fight alone because God has given us himself as well as community.” – Kate 


“I’ve been listening to Becoming Something since it began in 2019 and I am better because of it. This podcast is real, practical, theologically sound and fun! The conversations that JP, Nate and Kathy have each week make me choose more intentionally who I want to become.” – Tristen 

“I am not usually one to listen to podcasts, but I started listening to Becoming Something in desperation after a hard breakup. The Lord truly showed up through it. He used each week’s topic to change my pity to purpose and bring healing in a really hard season. – Gracie 


“I’ve learned to pray bolder prayers and have seen my affections for the nations be stirred to greater lengths.In DMT we have had passion ignited for the nations and out of that seen the kingdom grow in celebration of eternal life of those in our immediate reach.” – Madi 
“Being a part of DMT has changed my life and helped me understand the call to make disciples of all nations. I have now learned the importance of living on mission; getting to love others more like Jesus and becoming more comfortable at sharing the gospel with my peers. It has grown my faith exponentially and helped me walk more in step with the things of Jesus.” – Mattie 


“Our Life Group went through the Marriage Class together. It proved to be a great resource. It was fun to walk through together and gave us some great tools and biblical vision for how our marriages should look.” – Trent


“Before Christ, I was a staunch atheist who struggled with self harm, attempted suicide and used to abuse drugs. I felt alone. But now in Christ, I am an entirely new person.” – Aaron 

“Before Christ, I was angry and confused. But now in Christ, I have found life to the full and true joy in Jesus.” – Avery

“Before Christ, I was an atheist and lived selfishly. Now in Christ, I have found true peace and stability.” – Benjamin 

“Before Christ, I was alone, bitter, and indulged in earthly things to find comfort. Now in Christ, I have found peace and security in Jesus as my Savior.” – Aedin 

“Before Christ, I was a cultural christian who lived for the approval of others.  Now in Christ, I am able to live as a disciple. I am fully free!” – Diego 

“Before Christ, I was stressed, anxious, and alone. But now in Christ, I feel comforted by Jesus’ presence and find peace in Him alone.” – Grayson 

“Before Christ I was caught up in lust. But now in Christ, I am able to repent of my past sins and find freedom.” – Ian 

“Before Christ, I was lost and broken and purposeless, full of anxiety and fear. But now that I am a follower of Christ I have found my purpose in sharing the Gospel.” – Jason 

“Before Christ I lived my life in sin. I partied on the weekends while going to church on Sunday. But now in Christ, my desires have been changed to serve God every day of my life.” – Luke 

“Before Christ I lived to please the people around me. But now in Christ, I have found freedom from sin and an identity that is found in the cross alone.” – Noah 

“Before Christ, I was lost in depression and anxiety. But now in Christ, I am filled with gratitude for what He has done for me!” – Kelly 

“Before Christ I felt lost. But now in Christ, I have a purpose filled with hope. I see the goodness of God in every area of my life now.”Jessica

“I went through a period of my life over several years where I did not go to church and strayed completely away from God. I started going down a road full of anger, smoking, carelessness, and hopelessness. During my senior year of high school, God pulled me out of my depression, guilt, and addiction, showing me a life full of His love and His light. I was freed from my chains and submitted to the love of Jesus and fully accepted His sacrifice on the cross.” – Lukas 

“I realized I was a churchgoer who, as an adult, had not lived the Christian life and I didn’t even see it.  I have repented and asked for forgiveness and am so thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness. I confess that Jesus is Lord!” – Marilyn 

“God has shown me infinite grace. He has never left me even when I did not want to hear him or depend on him at times. He has wiped away a lifelong chase of perfectionism and control and has given me a spot in his Eternal Kingdom because of His Great Love and Mercy.” – Kendall 

“Before Jesus, I was lost and broken and purposeless, full of anxiety and fear, but now that I am a follower of Christ I have found my purpose in sharing the Gospel.” – Jason 

“I believe that Jesus Christ is the one true king who died on the cross for our sins so that we could have eternal life in heaven. I believe the Lord put me through difficult situations so my experience could be shared with others to show how good and faithful He truly is. I want to publicly declare my faith.” – Courtney