About Betterman

This fall, we’re excited to partner with a new organization called BetterMan as we make disciples here at Harris Creek. BetterMan is a growing community of men with a desire to get more life from their work, family, and marriages. The BetterMan Framework is about experiencing the life giving principles of manhood found in ancient biblical texts.

We know we can’t do it alone, so living into the BetterMan Framework begins around tables for 11 weeks, exploring together the state of manhood today, the life experiences that make us who we are, and a vision for manhood that is lifegiving. 

Becoming a BetterMan continues building beyond the Framework for our masculinity with tools and resources leading to transforming experiences as we customize our journey to “Better”. Together, our desire is to activate our lives, becoming BetterMen in pursuit of a passionate, full life as we heal our broken society and prepare future generations to do the same.

Each week we will begin with a time of large group teaching, then we will split up into groups of eight men per table and unpack everything we heard that morning. Spots are limited and we will not be able to add anyone once we begin (or reach our capacity), so if you are interested in going on this journey with us, register now! 

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