Creek Connection – June 19, 2022

Thank you for joining us today! Wherever you are in life right now, know you are welcome here. The most important thing to us is that you find connection with Jesus Christ.

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Featured Announcements

Looking for a great onramp to study your Bible each day? Sign up for our free Bible Reading Plan. Each morning you’ll get an email with a passage of Scripture, brief commentary, and some questions to reflect. This week we start 2 Kings. 

Start your day with us at

Every married couple can grow in their ability to communicate and manage conflict. This two-week class includes teaching, opportunities to discuss what you’re learning, and practical steps to take as a couple. The class meets on Wednesday evening June 22 and 29 at 7p at Harris Creek.

Register at

In the book of Acts, we see the beginning of the movement of the church…which eventually spread throughout the world. What was it like back then to see it all begin? What were they like and how can the stories of what happened then apply now? Join us next Sunday as we begin this new sermon series.

While you can access Creek Connection at, the best & fastest way is to sign up for the Creek Connection text. Each Sunday morning, we send a text with upcoming events, featured resources, and serving spotlight opportunities for you to have on the go.

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Upcoming opportunities

Re:gen is our recovery ministry at Harris Creek. Whether you struggle with pride, anxiety, co-dependency, addiction, substance abuse, or anything keeping you from walking free in Christ, re:generation offers a place to grow, heal, and find hope. Come join us! Sign up at

Did you know we have ministry partners throughout the city where you can use your gifts to help combat poverty, fight human-trafficking, serve in the foster care world, or empower women and men to make life-affirming choices? So many ways to jump in. To learn more about the different opportunities, visit

We want to help make to help make this an Uncommon Summer for who and your family! The guide includes fun ways to grow, rest, serve, and play as a family. It includes our summer schedule, fun challenges, and date ideas. Get your copy of the Uncommon Family Guide here.

Available for download.

We would love to pray with and for you. You can meet with a member of our prayer team after a service or submit a prayer request anytime at


Ever wonder where to look in the Bible to find what the gospel means or share it with others? We created a collection of verses that share the good news of what Jesus has done for us. You can access it through the Harris Creek App or at

If you would like to talk with someone about how to start a relationship with Christ, reach out to us at

To have quick access to our sermon content, Bible Reading Plan, live streaming, or other great resources, just download our Harris Creek app!

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If you call Harris Creek your church home, we have a great free resource you may not know about. Harris Creek partnered with a service called RightNow Media to provide you with great content to help you grow in Christ. It’s like the “Netflix” of video Bible Studies. You have instant access to thousands of online sermons and teachings for those in all life stages. 

Learn more at


With many Sunday morning volunteers away for the summer, we have urgent serving opportunities within our Kid’s ministry. This is a great short term way to impact kiddos here at Harris Creek! You can pick 1-3 Sundays to help, serve weekly, or grab some friends or those in your life group and rotate weeks you serve.  Come be a part of investing in lives this summer! 

Sign up at

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