Church at Home

general resources for MAKING a great CHURCH AT HOME EXPERIENCE

Church at Home

Step 1: Time

For your church at home experience, you can pick one of 2 times to watch online: 9a or 11a.

Step 2: Place

When you're planning where you'll have church at home, here's where you can get creative! You can watch from anywhere – and it doesn't have to even be at home! Watch in your backyard on a projector screen, in your living room, in the park on your phone – wherever!

Step 3: People

Church was never meant to be done alone. We hope to the degree you're comfortable, you would find creative ways to experience church with others – whether that is via Zoom, in a backyard, or with a small group of people. As part of your church at home experience, be sure to plan the people you'll do church with!

Ways to Watch

We made it easy to experience church anywhere. You can watch online at, download our app on Apple TV, Roku, or our mobile app for IOS or Android.

Kids & Youth

Church at home isn't just for adults! We don't want to leave you hanging so we've created resources for kids 0-18. Scroll down to view church at home resources for all ages!

Kids Ministry at Home

Birth to Pre-K

Bible Story Lesson

Sunday morning lessons provided for you to do at home! Pick up the supplies at Harris Creek (401 Stageline Dr.) outside, in the drive thru, every Thursday and follow the provided lesson plan. If you can't pick up the lesson in person, download the PDF below.

Bible Story Video

Check back here to watch the Bible Story video with your preschooler. This is the same Bible Story video that we use on Sunday mornings in our Create classrooms.


Use our Spotify list to worship with your kids, not just on Sundays, but every day! Challenge your preschooler to create hand motions and dance moves along with the songs.

K - Grade 4


We've created a Navigate playlist on Spotify with the songs your kids sing on Sunday mornings. Play these in the car or have a dance party in your house together!

Bible Story Video

Each week we'll have a Bible story video that corresponds to our lesson for you here! Check back weekly for updated videos.


We have prepared simple activities and questions for you to do as a family to help review the Bible story each week and memorize the verse of the month!

Grade 5 - 6


We've created an Integrate playlist with all of the worship songs your kid sings on Sunday mornings. Play these anytime in the car or at the house!

Integrate Discussion Guide

Each week, we will post the discussion guide from Integrate, in case you can't be there in person. That way, you can still have a conversation about faith as a family, no matter where you are.

Youth Ministry at Home

Grade 7 - 12

YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube Channel to watch messages and content from our in-person gatherings.


A way to stay connected with our Youth Ministry and to assist with your Church at Home experience is to follow us on Instagram!


As always, if you're a parent or student with any questions about our Youth Ministry, email our Youth Minister, Derek Davidson.