Welcome Home!

Glad you are here. Since its beginning, the church has always been a people, not a place. On Sundays, many of us gather on the campus of Harris Creek while others gather in homes around the world. But we are all part of the Body on mission together. Members are seeking to grow in relationship with the Lord, help others follow Him, invest, become equipped, and shepherd one another as a part of God’s work in our generation.

Harris Creek Home Church is a great chance to gather folks in your living room, tune into Sunday’s message, worship, pray, and dream together what it looks like to be the church where you live and put it in action.

So wherever you are watching from or whatever you are walking through, know you are loved by God and part of something incredibly special here. Please reach out and let us know how we can serve you at hello@harriscreek.org. We hope to continue to add resources to help you on your journey.

God is at work. No telling all that’s in His heart for the days ahead. Praying with you!