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About the Intern Program

At Harris Creek, we believe it is our responsibility to equip our congregation to seek the welfare of the city wherever it is that God has called them. For some, that may mean Waco for just a few years until graduation, while for others it could mean Waco for decades. We have many in our congregation that feel called to some kind of vocational ministry, whether it’s at a church in Waco, as a counselor in Houston, or on the mission field in Moscow. Because our staff feels a strong calling to help raise up and prepare the next generation of ministers and missionaries, we’re introducing the Harris Creek Intern Program.

This is an internship program designed to develop and equip individuals in various concentrations for ministry. Each internship, no matter the ministry concentration, will have weekly meetings with a staff member, quantifiable goals and objectives for the duration of the internship, and hands-on experience in their desired concentration.

We will have bi-weekly intern gatherings for all current interns (no matter the ministry concentration), where we have a chance to get together and talk about personal, professional, and spiritual development. Subjects will include things such as ministry philosophy, church business structure, task management, “tough situation” management, Q&A with church staff, and more. Attendance for these gatherings is mandatory as it is a vital part of the program. Browse our available internships below:

Kids Ministry Internship

The Harris Creek Kids Ministry exists to help kids discover what it means to follow Christ. Harris Creek is a church full of young families, which is very evident in the growth of attendance in our kids programming. The Harris Creek Kids Intern has the opportunity to work closely with the Kids Minister to creatively plan and execute Navigate, our weekly worship experience for elementary kids, as well as help facilitate Navigate Connect experiences and Hangtime, an event for our preteens. This internship will give you hands-on experience in the weekly, quarterly, and yearly planning that necessitates a strong kids ministry. As a Harris Creek Kids Intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from and work directly with the Kids Minister and other Kids Ministry team members
  • Gain experience in how a weekly kid’s worship expression is executed
  • Gain exposure to how a small group focused elementary program operates and build relationships with small group leaders
  • Be the point person for a designated service to facilitate the programming in Navigate, our elementary worship expression
  • Be a part of the creative team to plan and execute a variety of kids ministry events

Youth Ministry Internship

  • Learn from and work directly with the Youth Ministry staff
  • Build and nurture discipleship-type relationships with students
  • Gain exposure to any specific part of Youth Ministry that excites you (e.g., administration, social media, on-stage teaching & leading games, etc.)
  • Plan and execute well-purposed youth events and weekly worship services

Worship Internship

Production Internship

The Harris Creek Worship & Arts Ministry greatly desires to help cultivate an atmosphere and attitude of worship with every individual and in every congregational gathering. At Harris Creek, we place an emphasis on collaborating together to design meaningful and impactful services. We use songs, artwork, atmosphere, and creativity alongside well-developed sermons to ensure unified and memorable worship times. A Harris Creek Worship & Arts Production Intern will work with the Creative Team at Harris Creek in both planning and executing worship experiences and serve in a variety of roles. As a Harris Creek Worship & Arts Production Intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to plan and prepare impactful and intentional worship experiences
  • Produce and execute worship experiences from behind the scenes
  • Experience the day-to-day operations of creative planning
  • Get hands-on training and insight into the “nuts and bolts” of worship ministry
  • Work directly with the Lead Pastor and Worship Pastors in fostering an atmosphere of worship

Video Internship

Photography Internship

Graphic Design Internship

Harris Creek seeks to approach graphic design as more than just designing something visually appealing. Our desire is for the designs we create to communicate our brand while being useful and practical in the ministry God has entrusted to us. We believe design is the face of Harris Creek, and we want to design with authenticity and excellence. A Harris Creek Graphic Design Intern will work with the Creative Team to create and implement design in various ministry areas of Harris Creek. This internship will seek to develop you as an individual, a creative thinker, and an effective and productive graphic designer. As a Harris Creek Graphic Design Intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to plan, develop, and execute successful graphic design projects
  • Create an excellent design portfolio to be used in various capacities with Harris Creek
  • Engage in a safe, creative team atmosphere
  • Experience real-life application of graphic design in a unique environment
  • Receive hands-on training to develop your graphic design skill
  • Work directly with the Communications Pastor and Creative Team to maintain and develop the Harris Creek brand through graphic design

Marketing Internship

Pastoral Internship

Life Group Internship

Harris Creek desires for adults (i.e., college-age, young professionals, and other adults) to continue growing into spiritual maturity, and we have a vested interest in mobilizing those who want to develop skills related to church ministry. As a church devoted to biblical community, we seek to provide opportunities for adults to be involved with small group ministry, and an internship focused on our Life Groups is one such measure. Working hand in hand with the Community Ministries Staff, this internship will seek to develop and grow you as an individual and as a minister to adults. As a Harris Creek Life Group Intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from and work directly with the Community Ministries Staff
  • Build and nurture discipleship-type relationships with adults
  • Gain exposure to any specific part of small group ministry that excites you (e.g., assimilation and assessment, group dynamics and growth strategies, leader development, etc.)
  • Plan and execute well-purposed events that contribute to the success of Life Groups (e.g., Connections, Life Group leader workshops, corporate events that foster relationships for new groups and encourage deep community for existing groups)

We customize internships.

Aren't sure which internship is right for you? Need a customized option? We can help. Use the button below to contact us.

What We Expect From You

  • Have an active, passionate relationship with Jesus
  • Be actively involved with Harris Creek (or your local church if you live elsewhere)
  • Be committed to a Life Group
  • Be present at weekly meetings, monthly Intern development meetings, etc.
  • Pursue the Harris Creek Leadership Practices
  • Be an effective representation of Harris Creek in everything you say and do
  • Exhibit a teachable spirit
  • Demonstrate a desire for growth and a willingness to learn
  • Have a strong interest in ministry

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Gain hands-on ministry experience in a rapidly growing church
  • Attend monthly Intern Development meetings led by different Harris Creek staff members
  • Work alongside and learn from the Harris Creek staff
  • Sit in on weekly staff and planning meetings
  • Experience a tailored approach to internships based on your interests and skills