Mama, You Ain’t Alone

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I’m gonna be real honest: I have had the hardest time with all the changes lately, and it’s caused my fuse to be real short with the people I love the most. I’ve been annoyed at my kids, I’ve let comparison steal my joy, I’ve struggled with motivation, I’ve “escaped” to social media, and I’ve let shame over all of this keep me down. Sigh.

But I’m certain I am not alone! I’ve talked to many fellow moms, and these thoughts and emotions are common amongst us all. In a matter of weeks, all our lives have been flipped upside down and inside out. We all are experiencing unprecedented change. We need to remember we aren’t alone in feeling on edge, stressed, lonely, scared, sad, annoyed, disappointed, jealous, angry, and grieving over all we’ve lost. 

Throughout the last several weeks, I’ve discovered three ways to combat my short fuse:

First, The Word.

In this season, where I am personally processing new emotions, thoughts, and changes, I realized I need time in the Word. Uninterrupted. In order to be ready for all the people that need me in ways I’m not accustomed to, my day goes best when I start it in God’s Word before my household is awake. So, I wake earlier than I’d prefer. At first, my alarm annoyed me, and I had to fight the urge to give into all the excuses to remain asleep. However, after choosing discipline over desire, I’ve discovered it energizes me more to spend time in God’s Word than to sleep in a little longer. The promise presented in Isaiah 55:11 is reliable; God’s Word does not return void. Ever. Even when I don’t feel it, He’s moving. The Holy Spirit aligns my heart and shapes my mind towards trust and hope, even joy. 

Second, A Walk.

I throw my earbuds in and blast music that reminds me of God’s Truth, and I walk. I walk off all the feels that have me down and turn my eyes towards my neighbors. How are they impacted by all the change? What is hard for them, I wonder? Do they feel isolated, lonely, afraid, stressed, sad, and disappointed, too? I can’t exactly ask some of them (who I don’t know yet), but I suspect they are experiencing hardship, too, and need to be reminded they aren’t alone. As I walk, I pray for my neighbors I don’t know and the ones I do know. For those I don’t know yet, I throw this note in their mailbox. For the neighbors I do know, I shoot them a quick text to let them know I prayed for them as I walked past their house. As it turns out, people do need this encouragement! I’ve heard from several neighbors that needed the reminder they aren’t alone and there is hope, and in return, I am encouraged! 

Third, A Worshipful Heart.

Corporate worship on Sundays is kinda my favorite thing. When the kids are all in their respective classes, I hurriedly find my way to the closest seat to the stage, eagerly ready for that first down beat. Do you know, though, that worship is not just in those moments? Do you know that it is worship when you patiently respond to your name for the 1,897th time? Do you know that it is worship when you overlook the hayfield that is now your kitchen floor for one more game of Go Fish or Jenga? Do you know that it is worship when you humbly ask your child and/or spouse for forgiveness for your quick-temperedness? You see, worship is the posture of one’s heart in the moment-by-moment, not just in the sanctuary-on-Sundays. When I begin to see these moments as opportunities to worship the Creator of the universe, the One who is faithful even when I am not, the Sustainer of all things, then I discover my heart is more joyful, even though my circumstances remain the same. 

My precious mamas, please hear loud and clear: you are not alone if you feel on edge, stressed, lonely, scared, sad, annoyed, disappointed, jealous, angry, or grief-laden. You are loved by God despite all of these feelings and have all you need in Christ to be all you need to be to those in your care. Start by getting in the Word, go on a walk and look outward, and lastly, ask God to show you how to have a worshipful heart throughout your day until we can gather again corporately. 

By Alison Treadaway. Alison is wife to Marshall and mother to Parker, Callie, and Tucker. The Treadaway Family loves the Aggies, Mexican food, and being outdoors.

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