About Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry at Harris Creek is designed to help couples all over the relational spectrum – pre-married, newlyweds, new parents, empty nesters, and every couple in between! We believe the church should be the primary place where couples go to help prepare, start, and grow their marriage. Whether in seasons of strength or brokenness, we want to help couples grow in their love for the Lord and for each other.

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Ongoing Events

Prepare for Marriage

For couples who want to prepare well for marriage, Harris Creek offers a few options. Legacy Family Ministry does a great 6-week class and weekend retreat that is led by Harris Creek members and their team. All the class options are on their website. In addition, the book Ready or Knot?, written by Harris Creek staff member Scott Kedersha, is an ideal read for seriously dating and engaged couples. If you have an account with RightNow Media, there’s a video series that goes along with the book. Members of Harris Creek can get access to RightNow Media through this page.

Establish Your Marriage

Harris Creek offers Newly Married Life Groups for couples who are members of Harris Creek who have been married for less than three years. Newly Married couples will be placed into a Life Group with 3-4 other newly married couples as well as a mentor couple who will help newlyweds establish their marriage on the right foundation. For more information about our Newly Married Life Groups, contact our Marriage Pastor, Scott Kedersha here. If you are interested in being placed in a Newly Married Life Group, please register for our next Life Group 101 event.