Covenant Membership

About Covenant Membership

More than a box to check or a status to obtain, Covenant Membership involves a conscious commitment to a specific context: a people, a place, and a purpose. 

Membership Process and Expectations

  1. Attend Membership Class
  2. Share Your Story 
  3. Sign the Membership Covenant
  4. Join a Life Group
  5. Serve with Us (or an approved local partner) 

How to Become a Covenant Member

Interested in joining us on mission as a Covenant Member? Check out our Events page and look for the next upcoming Membership Class. 

Next Steps


If you want to make Harris Creek your home, your next step is membership. Before you join a Life Group or serve with Harris Creek, this is your first step! To become a member, register for an upcoming Membership Class by visiting our Events Page and searching for “Membership Class.”


 We believe there is no substitution for living life-on-life with one another in community. We desire for every member at Harris Creek to be a part of a committed Life Group. To join a Life Group, register for an upcoming Life Group 101 by visiting our Events Page and searching for “Life Group 101.”


Our church could not function without the support of volunteers. Our desire is to pair your giftings with the needs of the church and the community. Start the process by filling out the “Serve” form today!