It is our prayer that our Worship and Arts Ministry would draw each individual closer to the Father and draw us all closer to His Church, all while embracing the Spirit of God. Scripture is clear that worship is much, much bigger than music. We believe worship starts with the individual. It is essential that we are all individually worshiping God every day, whether it be through reading and meditating on Scripture, serving the needy, proclaiming Christ’s love to a coworker, loving on our kids, etc. We also believe there is a corporate aspect to worship. That’s where we come in! There is something powerful about a group of vastly different and unique people coming together to proclaim the same truths about God and to understand how to love Him more. We don’t take this lightly at Harris Creek. 

We want to provide an atmosphere that is both spiritually stimulating and challenging for those that may be further along in their faith journey as well as one that is accepting and comfortable for the unchurched. This is quite a task! To do this, we know we must have great intentionality with the planning we put into every service. We place emphasis on collaborating together to design meaningful and impactful services. We use songs, artwork, atmosphere, creativity, and well thought out sermons to ensure unified and memorable worship times.

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Join us on a Sunday morning for worship or at any other weekly gatherings. Check out our events page to find out more and register for our upcoming events!

serve internally

Our Worship Ministry could not function without the support of volunteers. Our desire is to pair your giftings with the needs of the church and the community. Start the process by filling out the “Serve” form today!

apply for the intern program

At Harris Creek, we believe in discipling the next generation of leaders. This is an internship program designed to develop and equip individuals in various concentrations for ministry. Each internship, no matter the ministry concentration, will have weekly meetings with a staff member, quantifiable goals and objectives for the duration of the internship, and hands-on experience in their desired concentration.

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